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GYT: Get Yourself Tested Campaign

The GYT: Get Yourself Tested campaign is a youthful, empowering social movement to encourage young people to get tested and treated, as needed, for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV. The campaign is a partnership between the American College Health Association, Kaiser Family Foundation, National Coalition of STD Directors, MTV, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Technical consultation for GYT is provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

GYT increases awareness about STDs and how to prevent them, links young people to STD testing services, and promotes a more open dialogue with partners and health care providers. After all, sexually active young people account for half of the 20 million new STDs occurring in the U.S. each year – and most don't know they are infected.

Although GYT is a national campaign, schools, community organizations, health care providers, and health departments across the country have adapted GYT to fit their local demographic and have hosting testing and awareness events. Check out some of the GYT success stories external link.


GYT Materials

Access GYT Materials to start spreading the word and organizing a GYT event in your area. The GYT Materials page offers a number of posters, flyers, buttons, and stickers that you can download and print to promote GYT in your clinics, campus, and community.

Bringing GYT To Your College Campus

GYT has been successful in increasing STD awareness and testing at college campuses. In the Bringing GYT to Your Campus webinars (Webinar 1 and Webinar 2), college health professionals discuss easy steps for successfully implementing the GYT campaign on their campuses and share their lessons learned. These webinars help colleges and universities identify innovative strategies and tactics used to host a GYT STD/HIV testing event while engaging and empowering college students around the issues of STD testing and sexual health.

Even if you are not affiliated with a college or university, you may find these success stories applicable to your organization's implementation of GYT.

GYT Provider Resources

The GYT website now offers resources to help healthcare providers better serve teen and young adult patients. This site provides insight into what youth want to know about sexual health and STD testing, about which they may be too shy to ask. The GYT Provider Website external link addresses young people’s common STD-related misconceptions and offers simple answers to patients’ questions. The website also features quick STD reference guides and charts (e.g., STD basics, who should be tested for what, treatment guidelines), resources for talking to patients about sexual history and STD testing, training resources, and GYT materials for clinics.

Interactive Video

GYT created a new interactive video external link experience for youth, intended to promote and normalize open communication with partners, peers, and providers about STDs and testing. Viewers navigate a party scene, in which they can play with objects in the room, listen in on conversations between friends and partners, and explore hidden surprises. The video is filled with talking tips, a quiz external link, and key information for starting a conversation about STDs and testing.

Additional GYT Resources

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