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The CDC NPIN Featured Partner resource offers HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, STD, and TB prevention-focused organizations a platform to showcase their services, programs, and materials. Our goal is to highlight the work of CDC's prevention partners and encourage partners to connect with each other to share information and strategies. Organizations are nominated by CDC or their peers, or are self-nominated. Those selected are featured on the NPIN Web site for the month.

Hep B United Overview

Hep B United is a national campaign to address the public health challenge of hepatitis B, the leading cause of liver cancer and a major health disparity among Asian Americans. The goal is to support and leverage the success of local community coalitions across the United States to increase hepatitis B awareness, screening, vaccination, and linkage to care for all Americans, but, in particular, for high-risk Asian and Pacific Islander populations who are disproportionately impacted.

The goals of Hep B United are to:

  1. Raise the profile of hepatitis B and liver cancer as an urgent public health priority.
  2. Increase hepatitis B testing and vaccination, particularly among Asian Americans and other at-risk communities.
  3. Improve access to care and treatment for individuals living with hepatitis B to prevent end-stage liver disease and liver cancer.

Hepatitis B affects up to two million Americans, yet the disease is often overlooked and largely underdiagnosed. Today, however, there is a growing momentum across the country to address this serious public health challenge. Political leaders are working to increase funding for hepatitis B screening, prevention, and treatment, and national and local media are highlighting the impact of hepatitis B, particularly among Asian-American communities.

Hep B United is committed to working as a group to support and leverage the success of local community coalitions that include community-based organizations, health departments, healthcare providers, political leaders, students, and individuals living with hepatitis B.

Program Highlight

Hep B United has developed a national community action plan in response to the hepatitis B-related goals of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Viral Hepatitis Action Plan. The Hep B United community action plan will help focus and empower local coalitions nationwide that are working to increase prevention, screening, and access to care and treatment, particularly for Asian communities that are disproportionately impacted by hepatitis B and liver cancer.

The national community action plan is a result of the first Hep B United Summit that was held in August 2012 and included leaders from 14 community coalitions and key federal partners, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), HHS Office of Minority Health, HHS Assistant Secretary for Health, and the White House Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Initiative. The national summit was convened to develop a strategic roadmap to optimize the efforts of local coalitions and strengthen partnerships with federal agencies to reduce the burden of hepatitis B.

The Hep B United strategic action plan is a national community-based response to the HHS Viral Hepatitis Plan that will serve to optimize limited resources, empower and build the capacity of local hepatitis B coalitions, and strengthen federal partnerships. In addition, the national community action plan will facilitate public-private partnerships and leverage synergies and opportunities to increase testing, vaccination, and linkage to care efforts. These actions are needed to help reduce the burden of and ultimately eliminate hepatitis B and liver cancer.


Hep B United

3805 Old Easton Road
Doylestown, PA 18902

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