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Recommendations for Case Management Collaboration and Coordination in Federally Funded HIV/AIDS Programs


    Case Managers
    Community Service Professionals
    Government Agencies
    Health Facilities Administrators
    Health Professionals
    Health Service Organizations


  • The Federal Interagency HIV/AIDS Case Management Work Group

Corporate Author

  • Health Resources and Services Administration, National Center for HIV Viral Hepatitis STD and TB Prevention


  • Health Resources and Services Administration
    HIV/AIDS Bureau
    National Center for HIV Viral Hepatitis STD and TB Prevention
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention




    CDC Program/Policy
    Community Planning
    Health Professionals
    Treatment and Care


    Case Management/Administration
    Health Care Delivery
    Health Care Planning
    Health Care Policies
    HIV/AIDS Program Administration
    HIV/AIDS Treatment or Therapies

Year of Publication

  • 2008



  • Information Kit

Physical Description

  • 1 information kit with 1 letter & 1 report.


This information kit contains a letter announcing the publication of the report,"Recommendations for Case Management Collaboration and Coordination in Federally Funded HIV/AIDS Programs" and the report. The report describes the use of case management in different settings, examines benefits and barriers to case management collaboration and coordination, and identifies methods for strengthening linkages between HIV/AIDS case management programs. It includes examples of successful models to aid users in eliminating or reducing service gaps and duplication in the delivery of services. It also encourages greater partnership between HIV/AIDS case managers and agencies working in maternal and child, correctional, adolescent, and other health care systems. The appendices include a description of the methodology used to develop the recommendations, reference HIV/AIDS terms, a timeline for the development of case management as a practice, different types of case management approaches, identification of Federal programs that fund case management services for individuals with HIV/AIDS, and a listing of acronyms used in the document.


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