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Community Approaches to Reducing Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Grant Amounts: Approximate Current Fiscal Year Funding: $1,800,000; Approximate Total Project Period Funding: $5,400,000.

The purpose of the program is to announce the availability of fiscal year 2011 funds for project grant applications to support the planning, implementation, and evaluation of innovative, interdisciplinary projects to reduce STD disparities, promote sexual health, and advance community wellness using community engagement methods (e.g., community-based participatory research) and multi-sector partnerships to build local capacity to impact STD disparities in communities with disparately high STD burden. This program addresses the "Healthy People 2020" focus area(s): STD-1 Reduce the proportion of adolescents and young adults with Chlamydia trachomatis infections; STD-2 Reduce Chlamydia rates among females aged 15-44 years; STD-6 Reduce gonorrhea rate; STD-7 Reduce sustained transmission of primary and secondary syphilis; and STD-8 Reduce congenital syphilis.
Funding Organization
US Department of Health and Human Services
Public Health Service
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Fund Category
Support Types
Cooperative Agreements
Eligible Organizations
City Agencies
Commercial Organizations
Community Based Organizations
County Agencies
International Agencies
IRS 501 (c)(3) Organizations
Minority Owned Organizations
Nonprofit Organizations
Religious Organizations
Research Institutions
State Agencies
Tribal Organizations
Woman Owned Organizations
Award Date
Number of Awards Given
Approximately 4 awards
Award Amount Notes
Approximate Current Fiscal Year Funding: $ 1,800,000; Approximate Total Project Period Funding: $ 5,400,000 (This amount is an estimate, and is subject to availability of funds and is contingent on the expansion of activities.)
Letter of Intent Date
3/18/2011 -- 03/10/2011: Potential Applicant Conference Call: A conference call with all potential applicants will be held on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 2:00pm E.T. Phone Number: 1-888-469-3211, Passcode: NCHHSTP1
Application Due Date
Application Contact
Tech Information Mgmt Section
CDC Procurement & Grants Office
2920 Brandywine Road, MS E-14
Atlanta, GA 30341
Phone: (770) 488270
Technical Contact
Norman Hayes
Project Officer
DHHS/CDC1600 Clifton Road, MS-E02
Atlanta, GA 30333
Phone: (404) 639-8991
Fund Duration
Three years.
Community Programs
STD Prevention
Young Adults
Application Process
Applicants must download the SF424 (R&R) application package associated with this funding opportunity from If access to the Internet is not available or if the applicant encounters difficulty in accessing the forms on-line, contact the HHS/CDC Procurement and Grant Office Technical Information Management Section (PGO TIMS) staff at (770) 488-2700 for further instruction. CDC Telecommunications for the hearing impaired or disabled is available at: TTY 1-888-232-6348.
For program synopsis and guidance, visit the website:;jsessionid=NQmpNkPVNZpjbnKPvq8hQQG6qgyjSGT8T3S5JlJ9yz3vcXCz9Tvn!-888343268?oppId=72774&mode=VIEW.
Fund Number

Disclaimer: NPIN provides this information as a public service only. The views and information provided about the materials, funding opportunities, and organizations do not necessarily state or reflect those of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, CDC, or NPIN. Fund Record #4288

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