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Stop TB Partnership - Kochon Prize: 2014

Grant Amount: Consists of a $65,000 award.

The Kochon Prize is awarded annually by Stop TB Partnership to individuals and/or organizations that have made a significant contribution to combating TB. The Kochon Prize, which is endowed by the Kochon Foundation, a non-profit foundation registered in the Republic of Korea, consists of a USD $65,000 award.

The Kochon Prize was established in 2006 in honor of the late Chairman Chong-Kun Lee, founder of the Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corporation and Kochon Foundation in Korea, who was committed throughout his career to improving access to low-cost lifesaving antibiotics and anti-TB drugs. "Kochon" was a pen name that he used.

The Kochon Foundation, a non-profit organization, is legally and financially independent from the Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corporation. Chairman Lee emphasized that he had a mission to supply better medicines to everyone who needed them. The Kochon Foundation is unable to supply medicines, but it has been implementing his philosophy. The Kochon Foundation's desire to actively contribute to the fight against TB resulted in the establishment of the 2014 Kochon Prize.
Funding Organization
World Health Organization
STOP Tuberculosis Partnership
Fund Category
Support Types
Eligible Organizations
Community Based Organizations
International Agencies
Award Amount Notes
The Kochon Prize consists of a USD $65,000 award.
Application Due Date
6/27/2014 -- Nomination deadline
Application Contact
Jacqueline Huh
Stop TB Partnership
Community Health Services
Diagnostic Tests
Program Development
TB Prevention
Developing Nations
General Public
Low Income Persons
Application Process
All nominations should include:
(1) A completed nomination form, which can be found on the website.
(2) A letter of nomination from a national health administration (government body) of a WHO Member State, Stop TB partner and/or a former recipient of the Kochon Prize.
(3) Supporting documentation (curriculum vitae for individuals, annual report for an organization, or other documentation as appropriate). Please do not send more than two (2) documents per nominee.
(4) All documentation should be signed and submitted in English in PDF format or hard copy. Handwritten documents will not be accepted.

By e-mail (preferred):
If you do not receive a confirmation receipt within three (3) days of submitting your nomination package, please e-mail Jacqueline Huh at STOPTBPRIZE@WHO.INT.

By mail:
2014 Kochon Prize c/o Jacqueline Huh,
Stop TB Partnership Secretariat,
World Health Organization,
20, Avenue Appia,
CH-1211 Geneva, Switzerland
Web Site

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