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Program Description

Parents Matter! Additional Reading

Conceptual Basis
This article provides a review of the literature concerning parental influences on adolescent sexual risk behavior and presents the conceptual model and theoretical foundation upon which the Parents Matter! Program is based.
Methodological Overview
This article provides an overview of the methodology used in the delivery of the Parents Matter! Program. Sufficient details for the reader to implement similar procedures and to understand and appreciate the complexities of a large multi-site investigation are provided.
Content and Facilitation Process
This article discusses the development of these interventions, presents an overview of the content of each intervention, and discusses issues related to the facilitation/presentation of these interventions.
Importance of Community Involvement
The importance of forming collaborations within the community is discussed. The role of community advisory boards and community personnel are highlighted.
Participant Involvement and Retention
Participant recruitment and retention is of great concern to Program administrators. This article discusses initial findings that show recruitment and retention of parents can be achieved if necessary attention is given to developing and sustaining relationships with parents in the group.
Cultural Relevance
The Parents Matter! Program was designed to be culturally relevant and sensitive. This article discusses how tailored information is used to deliver the program to target families.
Lessons Learned
Lessons learned during the development and implementation of the Parents Matter! Program are discussed.
Evidence Base of Intervention Effectiveness
These abstracts summarize the results from the randomized clinical trial conducted to evaluate the effectiveness the Parents Matter! intervention.
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